We admit it. We’re not like the other repair companies and that’s not just ok. It’s awesome! Having the courage to be different only means to stay true to yourself and your product.

REHVIVE Automobile

REHVIVE Automobile Haus began creating stories about cars and the people behind them in 2010. Back then the automotive lifestyle didn’t have the pop culture status it has today, especially not the automotive repair sector – which has developed significantly. Friends from all over the world tell us that we were once a driving force in establishing this way of life. We belong to one of the early starters and gained lots of experience as well as our love for what we do. Today we’re happy to see car enthusiasts everywhere, proudly sharing their passion in much strong communities.


The “REHVIVE” mission is to revive an extremely high quality collision repair and restoration. Recognized as one of the nation’s premier exotic repair facilities, REHVIVE has remained dedicated to the original vision, quietly developing its collision service to equal standards and stature. Nationally recognized for its superior craftsmanship in metal work and paint finishes, REHVIVE has built an impeccable reputation for collision reconstruction.

Offering the best in factory trained technicians, factory certified equipment and authentic OEM parts allowing for the proper reconstruction essential for maintaining integrity and value. Our spacious facility for repairing coachwork is extensively equipped with the most advanced frame, sheet metal and paint technology. Metal repairs are performed on one of eight frame benches while utilizing modern welding techniques and equipment.

Our paint department includes preparation and priming booths, climate controlled spraying and baking booths, mixing rooms equipped with the latest computer information for matching the original color finish, and rooms devoted to the final polishing of every vehicle. Whether it is your exotic car or your daily luxury vehicle, REHVIVE has proven time and again its ability and versatility in renewing your vehicle to its original specifications and beauty.


Fixing car isn’t just something we do. We aim to create perfect measurements, from framework to paint. Our entire team is one big family and maintaining a collaborative spirit is at the core of everything we do. REHVIVE COLLISION, BODY, and MECHANICAL REPAIR stands for authenticity, and this inevitably transfers to the results of our work. We are prepared to take a risk, and we’re genuinely excited to bring stories, characters and brands to life. Because a good story will stay with you long after the credits roll.